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Our First School Year Together: Let’s Go!

Families, educators, school leaders, and students—

Most of our 35 schools have already wrapped their first week of school. This was the “first week” of school for me, too.  I started last October, so I never got to experience the first day of school in our district.  I’m right there with our families and teachers and kids, feeling the same nervous excitement about the new school year.

I’m also filled with hope.  I’m hopeful for our students—that they stay curious, that they give their all, and that they hold us accountable. I’m hopeful for our teachers—that they stay hungry and optimistic, even on the toughest of days, and know that they—more than anyone else—hold the key to our students’ future.

And I’m hopeful that our charter leaders will stop at absolutely nothing to provide a great education to every family who comes knocking—especially those families who don’t have great options.  Our kids in South Carolina are amazing—and far too may of them don’t have access to good schools.  The great news is that we can do something about that—by authorizing amazing charter schools, ensuring access and equity for every child, and growing what works.  Let’s go!