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Access & Equity Study


We have always believed in complete transparency for the general public, taxpayers, and most importantly—the families who choose to attend our schools. At the SCPCSD, we know that in order for school choice to be available to all families, public charter schools should be accessible to all kids, and they have to be equitable in their practices.

With that said, the SCPCSD Board of Trustees commissioned a study on just how well our portfolio of schools are doing at those two very important variables. We want to be leaders in transparency and accountability in the state—shining a light on our areas of growth so we can continuously improve and offer South Carolina kids what they deserve—only the most excellent public school choice options. We believe that by accepting critical feedback and making improvements where they’re needed most, charter schools will become recognized as proof points on what works.

Today, we released the Public Impact study on access and equity. You can find the study here.

Some noteworthy findings include:


·         There continues to be very large achievement gaps across the state and within school gaps when achievement data is broken down by subgroups.

·         Similar to many districts across the state and nation, students of color have disproportionately higher rates of discipline incidents.

·         Mobility and school attrition rates within an academic year can vary significantly among different charter school types and models.

·         Data quality and regular reporting on measures of access and equity needs to improve to help school leaders and educators serve all students more effectively.

·         The lack of transportation services in public charter schools inadvertently creates a school choice access barrier for many families.

If you have any questions regarding this study or its findings—please reach out to Audrey Lane, Chief of Access & Equity, at alane@sccharter.org

Together, we must work as a unified front to ensure all South Carolina kids are getting a high-quality education from the portfolio of schools in our district.