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Chief of Charter Development and Accountability   


Chief of Charter Development and Accountability   

SC Public Charter School District (SCPCSD)


The Opportunity


We’re looking for a game-changing Chief of Charter Development and Accountability to join us in creating and growing excellent schools where they’re needed most in South Carolina. Our work isn’t for everyone. It requires courage and humility, a relentless belief in students, a tireless work ethic, and a willingness to put racial equity front-and-center. If that resonates with you, read on!


The Person

  • Relentless belief in every child’s potential and in schools’ ability to unlock this potential
  • Deep understanding of effective charter authorization and operation
  • Willingness to do whatever it takes in the service of students and taxpayers
  • Demonstrated results in education
  • Recognition that race matters in education and we must act intentionally, every day, to address racial inequity and injustice in education systems
  • Humble seeker of feedback


The Skills

  • Leadership, decision-making and communication abilities commensurate with senior leadership
  • Charter authorizing experience, including charter approval, revocation, and replication systems and processes
  • Strong background in student achievement data analysis and systems
  • Budgeting, project management and strategic planning and execution
  • Strong developer and leader of people and teams, an ace at giving and receiving feedback


The Work

  • Leads the CDA team to ensure the development and implementation of industry standards of quality authorizing to fulfill the SCPCSD’s mission and priorities
  • Leads all core authorizing functions, including approval, performance evaluation, replication and expansion, renewal, revocation, charter revision, and compliance monitoring
  • Coordinates and supervises the annual performance evaluation of SCPCSD-sponsored schools and the continuous improvement of all performance management tools including but not limited to the School Performance Framework.
  • Ensures comprehensive, timely, and accurate analysis and reporting of performance data
  • Serves as the primary point of contact for school accountability communications and implications and supports the Superintendent to respond to schools with critical performance issues in the areas of academics, finance, and/or legal compliance
  • Prepares and disseminates information and recommendations for action to the SCPCSD
  • Collaborates with members of the team and across the SCPCSD to preserve charter school autonomies and ensure schools receive appropriate technical assistance and federal/state allocations to fulfill their promises to students


Submit 1-2 page resume and cover letter to Jackie Snell (jsnell@sccharter.org) and Taylor Fulcher (tfulcher@sccharter.org) by September 13, 2019.