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Now Hiring: Coordinator of Student Information Services

Coordinator of Student Information Services


  • Creates and manages district-wide approach to PowerSchool, including systems and strategies that ensure school-level capacity, compliance, and reporting.Thinks creatively about the connections between PowerSchool and SCPCSD’s roles as authorizer and LEA
  • Works to build PowerSchool capacity at the school level and to develop a tiered system of technical assistance and problem-solving based on a school’s years of experience and performance/compliance status
  • Coordinates with support team and school leaders and staff to ensure all PowerSchool data requests are answered accurately and on time
  • Serves as a liaison between district and school level program administrators to ensure the accurate, thorough, and effective use of PowerSchool data
  • Assists with and/or corrects PowerSchool data entry as necessary and where appropriate
  • Provides data extracts for district instructional software, testing, and grant development. Responsible for transmitting all data reports to the SDE. Serves as the PowerSchool contact person for state agencies dealing with the District
  • Updates PowerSchool to maintain the latest versions of all modules/components and SDE changes
  • Creates training materials and participates in district-wide meetings, training activities and the distribution of critical PowerSchool information. Meets with PowerSchool Operators and other district personnel as needed to discuss and resolve various data management issues
  • Supports and troubleshoots all aspects of the PowerSchool program including attached software such as PowerTeacher, Enrich, Destiny, and other applications; responsible for nightly updates of the Excent program, PowerSchool, PowerTeacher and other applications



  • Minimum of Bachelor’s Degree and three years of experience using computer applications in an office environment, or a post-secondary degree in computer applications with some relevant experience; or an equivalent combination of education, training and experience
  • Experience with PowerSchool in a charter network setting preferred.


Please submit a cover letter and resume to Jackie Snell (jsnell@sccharter.org) by October 10, 2020.