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Replication Schools

Replication Application

We want to see our most successful schools grow to serve more students.  If you operate an existing District school with a strong record of achievement and would like to open an additional campus, the school replication process is for you.


The replication proposal should focus on providing evidence of the success of the existing school and its capacity to replicate the school model. The proposal should address the school’s previous SCPCSD Performance Framework results. The SCPCSD will conduct due diligence on the Applicant’s current operating school and may request additional information during its review and evaluation of the application.



Process Overview

Replication Application

Applicants seeking a replication charter from the SCPCSD must:

  • 1

    Letter of Intent

    Submit a letter of intent for your replication school

  • 2

    Replication Application

    Submit a replication application

  • 3

    Applicant Interview

    If Invited, Participate in a Capacity Interview

  • 4

    Required Meetings

    Participate in required SCPCSD Board of Trustees meetings

Replication Timeline

  • November 3: Letter of Intent due
  • February 1: Application due
  • February-April: Capacity Interview, if invited
  • By May 1: Public Hearing before the District Board of Trustees

Submission Requirements

  • No later than February 1, submit an electronic copy and a  paper copy of all materials to Catherine Watt (3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 201, Columbia, SC 29204) following the linked submission instructions.


  • No later than February 1, submit an electronic copy to the South Carolina Department of Education’s Office of School Transformation, Charter Schools Program.

Provide notice

  • Provide notice of the replication application to the local board of trustees in which the charter school will be located for informational purposes only.


  • Provide notice to the local delegation of the county in which the charter school will be located.

Talk With Us

  • The District is available to assist applicants by providing additional information and clarification up until such time as the replication application is submitted. Please contact Catherine Watt at 803-734-0524 with such requests.