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Employment Opportunities

District Office

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) Coach

Job Brief

SCPCSD is looking for an individual experienced in positive social, emotional, and behavioral
interventions in schools while adhering to our mission of improved learning and increased
learning opportunities in South Carolina through the creation of innovative, high quality charter
schools. This is a full-time, year-round, grant-based position which requires knowledge and
application of evidence-based practices in multi-tiered systems of support, indicators for at-risk
behaviors, positive behavior management, and crisis management. We are looking for an
organized, focused, goal-oriented professional who is proficient in evidence-based practices
regarding social, emotional and behavior supports of students. This position is based out of our
Columbia office.
• Develop and implement a system of tiered support for schools to improve social,
emotional, and behavioral outcomes of students.
• Systematically evaluate the effectiveness of the framework through analysis of data and
input from schools.

• Collaborate with schools regarding social, emotional and behavioral supports based on
individual school needs.
• Maintain a platform of researched based supports for schools regarding social, emotional
and behavioral well-being of students and best practices in schools from Grades PreK3-
12, for schools to access on-demand on the SCPCSD SEL website
• Adhere this platform to the tiered technical assistance framework if schools request
additional support or information.
• Collaborate with school leaders and school based SEL teams to increase their capacity to
support student needs in social and emotional learning.
• Provide opportunities for schools to build their own capacity to support student social,
emotional and behavioral needs through MTSS.
• Infuse a systematic approach to problem-solving and decision making combined, with
effective written and verbal communication of ideas.
• Assist schools in developing the capacity to explore and implement positive behavior
supports, crisis management plans and interventions across individual cases, classrooms,
and/or school. § Use one’s experience in data collection, data analysis and strategic planning to collaborate
with educational stakeholders in order improve student outcomes.
§ Work collaboratively with schools to address their needs regarding student social,
emotional, and behavioral concerns.
§ Use time management skills to effectively achieve multiple goals and manage multiple
projects simultaneously while prioritizing tasks.
§ Develop a continuum of supports which can address the social, emotional and behavior
needs of students in a positive and proactive approach.
§ Conduct monthly webinars intended to build capacity regarding best practices for
implementing positive behavior interventions.
§ Conduct monthly School Counselor/Social Work Cohort.
§ Maintain a monthly newsletter regarding updates, information, and highlight best practices
in SEL.
§ Analyze all available district data to determine needs and next steps in cultivating capacity at
the district level.
§ Be aware of federal and state legislation as related to SEL.
§ Review school based SEL Plans for the purpose of providing feedback and support.
§ Increase family engagement by offering monthly family webinars that focus on increasing
family’s SEL capacity.

● Master’s degree in Education, School Counseling, or Social Work
● At least five years of successful public school-based teaching, counseling or social work
experience or equivalent experiences which provides the required knowledge, skills, and
● Committed to building great schools for the children of South Carolina.
● Proven experience with coaching and/or mentoring of educators/counselors/social
workers to develop skills and increase capacity.
● Customer service approach to supporting stakeholders.
● Excellent oral and written communication skills, time management skills, and the ability
to prioritize work.
● Competency in MS Office, G Suite, Enrich, and PowerSchool.

Applicants should submit a letter of intent and resume to Emily Paul, epaul@sccharter.org,
Deputy Superintendent by Friday June 25, 2021.


ESOL Program Assistant


Job Brief

The South Carolina Public Charter School District is looking for an energetic and self-motivated professional to step into the role of ESOL Program Assistant at the District office. The incumbent will be responsible for assisting with all programmatic record keeping as it relates to Title III federal funding at our Columbia office to include, recording and processing expenditures and additional roles related to daily school district programs operations. Experience working with ESOL funding and programming is preferred, but not required. This position reports to the Chief Program Officer via the Director of ESOL.



  1. Supports the Director of ESOL to ensure reliable and accurate data and documentation per Federal and State laws and regulations.
  2. Attends all ESOL programs meetings, trainings, and conferences as required.
  3. Assists the Director of ESOL with coordination of facilities, registrations, supplies and materials for Title III trainings offered by the district.
  1. Monitors time and effort for any district level and school level employee paid through Title III federal funds.
  2. Assists Director of ESOL with review of federal program submissions in Epicenter.
  3. Assists Director of ESOL with review and preparation of Title III records and reporting.
  4. Assists Director of ESOL with review and preparation of Title III grant applications, amendments, and revisions.
  5. Performs general clerical duties as requested.
  6. Assists the Director of ESOL and Chief Program Officer in ensuring oversight of implementation of Title III programming in the SCPCSD portfolio schools.



  • Committed to building great schools for the children of South Carolina.
  • Proven experience with accuracy and attention to detail
  • Competency in MS Office and databases
  • Customer service orientation
  • High School Diploma Required, Bachelor’s Degree preferred
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Excellent time management skills and the ability to prioritize work
  • Strong organizational skills with the ability to multi-task
  • Strong relational skills (patient, trustworthy, reliable, etc.)
  • Experience working with Title III and/or ESOL programs is not required



Applicants should submit a letter of intent and resume to Emily Paul, epaul@sccharter.org, Deputy Superintendent by Friday, June 25, 2021.

General Listings


Please be sure to check the Center for Education, Recruitment, Retention and Advancement (CERRA) Online Job Bank at http://cerra.org/createsearchjobpostings.aspx under the district name “South Carolina Public Charter” for certified and other positions available within our schools.

School’s Employment Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in the South Carolina Public Charter School District. The links to each school’s employment page can be found below.