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District News

Today is a critical day in the lives of students, educators, and leaders across our state. Today we’ve released the results data for our 2015-2016 state assessments (SC Ready, EOCEP, SC Pass). This data, which includes a combination of bright spots and big challenges, affirms...

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Kaizen: A Japanese business philosophy of continuous improvement in working practices and personal efficiency and effectiveness. If you’ve ever had the opportunity to walk through the doors of SC Whitmore School and meet the educators, staff, and leadership of this virtual high school you wouldn’t be...

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Compton Mills

Author 1: Robert H. Compton, Ph.D. 3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 201 Columbia, SC 29204 803-734-8067 In his 16th year in public education, Dr. Compton serves as the Assistant Superintendent of Academic Services for the South Carolina Public Charter School District.     Author 2: Courtney Mills, M.Ed. 3710 Landmark Drive, Suite 201 Columbia, SC 29204 803-734-0525 Formerly a...

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