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South Carolina Whitmore School

How We're Innovative

SC Whitmore School re-engages “at-risk” students, as well as students who wish to accelerate, in an individual, online mastery-based learning environment. We are the only school in the state to offer an extended academic year with no semesters, making it ideal for students whose schedules make it difficult to attend a traditional public school. SC Whitmore is the only public virtual school that is based in South Carolina.

Where We're Located

501 Commerce Drive NE

Columbia, SC  29223

FAX: (866)-476-1646



Performance Data

The mission of South Carolina Whitmore School, a virtual high school, is to encourage students to be personally committed to and responsible for their education, enabling them to develop independence, responsibility, time management and critical thinking skills. We are dedicated to providing a supportive, challenging, and alternative learning environment throughout South Carolina. South Carolina Whitmore School emphasizes mastery of all academic courses with an extended academic calendar, and results in student achieving their educational goals.

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