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Tall Pines STEM Academy

How We're Innovative

Tall Pines STEM Academy’s innovative model is ideal for self-motivated students who want to experience success outside the traditional middle school setting in a small group, hands-on learning environment with a rigorous curriculum based on teamwork. With teachers as facilitators instead of conveyors of knowledge, our student-centered curriculum shifts the responsibility for learning to the student and encourages each learner to be responsible for his or her own academic success.

Where We're Located

82 Camp Long Rd, Aiken, SC 29805




The mission of Tall Pines STEM Academy is to provide an option for families where STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) is intertwined in the school’s culture and prepares middle school students to become the next generation of ethical leaders. Tall Pines STEM Academy will provide a combination of classroom and outdoor learning experiences to engage students, promote wellness and physical fitness, inspire creativity, foster critical thinking and problem solving skills, and cultivate citizenship and leadership skills through rigorous and relevant content and projects in a natural setting.

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