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Blog: 2015-2016 State Assessment Data

Today is a critical day in the lives of students, educators, and leaders across our state. Today we’ve released the results data for our 2015-2016 state assessments (SC Ready, EOCEP, SC Pass). This data, which includes a combination of bright spots and big challenges, affirms the priorities we’ve set in my first year as superintendent—getting better at how we authorize high-quality charters, ensuring access and equity for all kids, and setting clear performance expectations that help us grow what works and fix what does not. This data from last year gives us an even clearer sense of urgency and purpose around the need to expand great charter options for families that need them most.

Our goal is to be the highest-performing district in the state and a model of access and equity for South Carolina. I’m excited that we’ve already taken steps to replicate GREEN charter, our highest performing school, which speaks to our core strategies as a charter district. We’re analyzing this data and putting it front-and-center as a baseline to be left in the past, because we must only go up from here. To our schools that are proving what’s possible and getting great results, we applaud you and will do everything we can to help you serve more students. 

To our educators, I hope you are motivated by this data and it encourages you to catalyze lasting change in your classrooms every single day. To our students, I challenge you to push yourself further than you ever imagined. I challenge you to set high expectations for yourself and not only meet them—but surpass them. Let this data be the marker for where you were and not a measure of how far you can go.

Let’s make history in South Carolina.


Please click this link for our state assessment results.