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Teacher Appreciation Week Highlight: Marcela McAninch of Palmetto Scholars Academy


At the South Carolina Public Charter School District, we appreciate the work of special education teachers, math teachers, English teachers and many others who deliver an innovative, high-quality education to kids. And during Teacher Appreciation Week, we want to recognize the contributions of each of these trailblazers to the lives of South Carolina families for your leadership inside and outside the classroom.

Hailing from Costa Rica, Marcela McAninch, a marketing teacher at Palmetto Scholars Academy, has lived in the United States for 20 years and gained her citizenship in 2012. McAninch received a bachelor’s degree in advertising from the Universidad Internacional de las Americas, a master’s in business administration from the Universidad Latina de Costa Rica and she is currently completing coursework through a gifted and talented endorsement with Converse College.

McAninch is a certified teacher with the YEScarolina program, which offers entrepreneurship training to public school teachers statewide without charge. YEScarolina has helped thousands of young people from communities’ statewide build business skills and fuel their entrepreneurial spirit. In turn, McAninch has used the skills gained in this program to touch and inspire young South Carolinians with a thirst for entrepreneurship.

In addition to her teaching experience, McAninch serves as a liaison between Palmetto Scholars Academy and Spanish speaking families involved or interested in the school. In this role, she works to bridge any language barrier gaps between school staff and these families to provide access and equity in the delivery of education for these families.

“I like to think of my classes as a co-learning environment,” said McAninch. “I hope my students find them motivating and engaging. I find teaching to be rewarding because every day brings a different adventure.”

We hope you will join in and help us shine a light on the excellent teachers across our district. This Teacher Appreciation Week and beyond, let us celebrate the amazing work they do and the effect they have beyond the classroom. After all, teaching is the profession that launches every career, and that is worth celebrating.