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‘Never forget your why’: Neeley Gives S.C. Whitmore Commencement Address

Superintendent Chris Neeley challenged the graduating seniors of the S.C. Whitmore School to “be the person who always asks why not” in his commencement address on Saturday, June 5.

“Don’t settle for the way things are and assume that’s the best we can do,” said Neeley. “We can always do better as a society.”

Neeley’s address to the senior class of the S.C. Whitmore School, a Columbia-based virtual public charter high school, marked his second commencement address during his tenure as superintendent of the S.C. Public Charter School District. Neeley began his duties on Aug. 3, 2020.

The graduation ceremony, which took place at the outdoor fields of Cornerstone Presbyterian Church in Columbia, recognized 143 graduates who are pursuing futures in higher education, the workforce and military service. The ceremony also recognized the recipients of the Jessica Munyon Memorial Scholarship, named in honor of the S.C. Whitmore School teacher who passed away recently.

Neeley’s remarks also praised the leadership of the S.C. Whitmore School for providing a “high-quality instruction, curriculum and a personal engagement program” to the graduates. “They worked tirelessly on your behalf to make you feel included, engaged and connected with your teachers and peers,” said Neeley.

For more information or to enroll a student in the S.C. Whitmore School, please visit www.scwhitmoreschool.org.