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SCPCSD Board, Staff Collaborate on New Strategic Plan

The South Carolina Public Charter School District strives to seek excellence from our staff, innovation from our schools, and results from our students. We can better accomplish this by building a roadmap to the future and developing a game-changing strategic plan that puts kids first.

On Thursday, June 3, members of the S.C. Public Charter School District Board of Trustees and staff met during a strategic planning retreat to take inventory of where the district has been to anticipate better where it needs to be in the future. Working with a professional leadership development consultant, board members and staff engaged in meaningful dialogue to craft a new mission, vision, values and develop three strategic areas that will serve as a core of the strategic plan.

The four strategic focus areas (Organizational Development, Internal and External Communications, Operational Excellence, and Advocacy) divided themselves into four staff teams led by a board member. The teams, composed of subject matter experts in each area, participated in a strategy development exercise that spearheaded the completion of deliverables to outline the evidence of future success, long-range goals and objectives for each focus area.

“Every organization needs a strategic plan or road map so you can track where you’ve been, where you are and where you’re going,” said Chris Neeley, superintendent of the S.C. Public Charter School District. “The Board and staff felt it was the right time for the district to assess our strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to be prepared for the exciting journey ahead in educational choice and much more aligned with our schools and the families they serve. This is a kids first strategic plan that puts students at the center of everything we do.”

The final draft of the strategic plan will be approved by the full S.C. Public Charter School District Board of Trustees later this month before its implementation in July 2021.