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GREEN Charter School

How We're Innovative

The idea for a school that focuses on science and math (as a STEM school) while underscoring familiarity with and competence in renewable energy resources has been a topic of discussion among several members of the planning committee (now, the school board) for many years now. Emphasis on science, math and technology is an issue that we are in great need in SC; hence, following a STEM education path was only self-evident for us. As for the focus on sustainability, environmental literacy, and renewable energy, the idea owes its existence to largely pragmatic concerns. As the use of renewable energy sources increased in recent years and the need in the industry increased concomitantly, we saw an opportunity in the educational system. Our hope is to educate our students with top notch education in science and math, while making sure that they are well-equipped in renewable energy both with theoretical knowledge in the classroom and besides the classroom with real life experience (i.e. labs, integrated learning opportunities off campus). When our students graduate, they will be in the best position to exploit opportunities in the renewable energy industry if they choose to do so, both before and after college. If not, they will be well-equipped to pursue other careers opportunities in different fields through college and beyond. So, the primary goal was (and, still is) to create a first class STEM educational institution with a focus on renewable energy and environmental literacy. We see the next couple of years as a time period where the school will establish itself with robust academic success along with its unique institutional infrastructure. Currently, we have a strong emphasis on hiring well-qualified teachers and administrators in order to make this initial phase of the school as successful as possible. In the meantime, we have the financial backing of an investor who has agreed to support our endeavor with the necessary facilities. Our goal is to make the GREEN Charter School a fully-flourished institution in the next several years. Another area of development in making this goal a reality is to engage with the Greater Greenville community in order to establish a support network in the industry/business to support our students’ off-classroom educational experience. This includes hands on learning opportunities, experiments, visits and workshops with leading industrial companies around Greenville. Our city is incredibly fortunate in this regard. It is one of the rare cities across the country to have multiple major companies with renewable energy ventures. So, we will make the best efforts to capitalize on this opportunity to provide our students with the best out there. As far as I can tell, several companies have strong interest in partnering with the GREEN Charter School, which is a solid indicator of things to come. For the long term success of the school, the first couple of years is tremendously important, and the whole line of administration is fully aware of it. Our goal is to hit the ground running rather than picking up the pieces as we go along. That’s why lots of planning is going into this for several months now thanks to the diligent work of our board members and principal.

Where We're Located

1440 Pelham Rd.

Greenville, SC 29615



Performance Data

The mission of the Greenville Renewable Energy Education (GREEN) Charter School (the “GREEN Charter School”) is to establish improved science and sustainability learning opportunities that stimulate scientifically literate individuals, workforce, and leadership through world class and challenging science teaching standards. The GREEN Charter School will instill in students the desire to continually expand their intellects and use the content knowledge and skills they have acquired to participate in and responsibly shape the quality and direction of a complex world with ever increasing energy and sustainability demands.

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